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Swimming Pool MAINTENANCE Services

Our Reliable Pool Service Includes:

  • Skim swimming pool surface.
  • Vacuum the bottom of the pool.
  • Brush pool tiles to prevent calcium build up.
  • Brush pool walls and the bottom of your swimming pool.
  • Clean skimmer baskets on each visit.
  • Through inspection on main drain covers.
  • Clean the line and the suction head on auto-cleaners.
  • Clean the pump basket.
  • Check pumps and pipes for possible leaks.
  • Inspect pump motor.
  • Clean filter cartridge (as needed).
  • Inspect filter gauges to analyze the pressure.
  • Water analysis to verify chemical levels of your pool.
  • Balance Chemicals.
  • Check pump time-clock.
  • Check heater functionality as requested by client.

Whether you need regular swimming pool cleaning, swimming pool maintenance service, pool repair, pool resurfacing or pool remodeling we can help.

Our professionals will perform tests on your water chemistry to ensure your swimming pool is in pristine condition at all times!

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At Tyler Pool Service, we offer a wide variety of repairs on gunite pools.

  • Acid Wash the Entire Pool.
  • Chlorine Washes.
  • One Time Clean-ups.
  • Chemical Balancing.
  • Filter Clean-up.
  • Drain or Fill the swimming pool.
  • Pump Repair and System Repair.
  • Leak Detection Services.
  • Pool Pavers and Coping.
  • Diamond Brite.
  • Pool Resurfacing.
  • Pool Remodeling.